Each day comes a busy schedule with either work, study, or even having fun with friends and family. But with each day we start a new episode in life, there is a need to recharge spiritually. A quiet time with God by reading the bible and praying are both the best ways to connect with Him.

This blog is a personal devotion/journal of A.B. Albania. Although many say that journals should be personal/private, this one was decided to be shared through the internet.

A.B. hopes to bless other people through this devotional blog. It’s actually intended that every post on this site be seen by fellow Christians and be blessed by it. Aside from being a blogger, he is also a member of an independent Christian band in the Philippines called His Scarred Hands and here’s one of their songs. God bless!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello…um if this is your blog, this is Raon, i just wanted to ask if i could take a picture form this site, if could, it would my greatest pleasure, its coz, i have an assignment..and i couldnt find a better picture than this…that all….thankyou son much….

  2. Hey, if this is your site, i was just wondering if i could take a picture form this site…my name is Raon, and i messaged this because i have an assignment, and i loved this picture on this site, so i was just wondering if i could use it. I couldnt find one one better than this. IM sorry for the disturbance, but please respond to this message, i really want the reply…thankyou….

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