Receiving God’s Love

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.Romans 5:5

God’s love has been offered to us since Jesus Christ died on that cross. That was the greatest act of God to prove His love for us, although He doesn’t need to prove anything. That sacrifice on the cross made us aware that there is a love that’s willing to lay his life down for the sake of the people. But although we are aware, there are times we reject this love unconsciously.

Have you been under those times when you have a repetitive sin, and you felt so ashamed of yourself to even come to God to ask for forgiveness a thousandth time? Yes, I also thought, “What if someone cheats on me, asks for forgiveness and then cheats on me again, and then asks again for forgiveness? I won’t trust that person anymore!” But you see, God’s love is much more abounding than how we view it.

In Matthew chapter 18, Peter came to Jesus and asked him how many times should he forgive his brother when he sins against him. Jesus said he should not just forgive his brother 7 times but 77 times. He doubled the digits of how much forgiveness Peter knows in his mind. As for you, if you think you can forgive your brother 77 times, Jesus would tell you to make it 7,777 times.

This shows us what God’s heart is towards us when we sin against Him. If we could forgive our brother a thousand times, He could forgive us much more than we could imagine. Let’s look at God’s love as something that’s beyond us, something that’s unimaginable, something that’s scandalous.

Let’s not reject God’s love because we think we’re not worthy of it. It’s actually the opposite. Jesus  died for that very reason — He loves us so much. God’s love is greater than our weaknesses and failures. He is more than willing to forgive us. We just need to ask Him again and again and again. “Repentance is a lifestyle, we do it day and night.”

Reference: The Power Of Being Thankful


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