Living Amazed

and they were astonished at his teaching, for his word possessed authorityLuke 4:32

There are just days that seem so ordinary and some we can attribute to as boring days. We couldn’t feel and experience anything special like those days when we feel the presence of God so strongly. We’re used to only experiencing God move to those moments of trials, pain, and suffering. But with the ordinary days, it seems like God is quiet. Is God really the one who’s quiet or is it us who ignore His presence in the simplest things in life?

When things are easy, we tend to forget God’s presence. There were times back in high-school whenever I finish an assignment or pass an exam with good scores, I had tendencies to say, “piece of cake” and forget to thank God for letting me accomplish those school tasks easily. And also at work when I’m able to save up and buy something for myself, I forget to thank God. I had a tendency to think that I worked for it myself so I’m able to buy it. I forget to thank God that He’s the one who provided the job for me.

We’ve just gotten used to coming to God only when in times of need and forget about him in our ordinary days. But God never stopped watching us. He never stopped waiting for us to talk to Him everyday and tell Him even the little things that happened during the day. It’s actually in those ordinary days where we learn to appreciate God in all things at all times.

Let’s challenge ourselves and try to look at the simplest things, be amazed and thank God for them. We might be surprised and then finally realize that there are actually things we really need to be thankful for in the ordinary days. Let’s keep ourselves amazed in all things that God is doing for us.

Reference: The Power Of Being Thankful



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