Thanking God All Day

And they were to stand every morning, thanking and praising the Lord, and likewise at evening  — 1 Chronicles 23:30

It’s easier to thank God when we are joyful and successful (morning), and it’s too difficult to thank Him when we’re failing and frustrated (evening) in life.

I’m currently taking up my masters degree in business administration. So far, it’s been quite fun but really challenging. I was so thankful to the Lord. I haven’t had any failing grades and been part of the dean’s list twice already, until the last term’s exam week. I failed all 5 subjects. The day when we went to school to get the results of the exam was the worst day of my MBA life.

I filed leave from work, attended reviews, and studied hard, but would most of the time forget to pray. The exam week came and I finished all exams for the 5 subjects. Then I realized that I had to get an average grade of 87% for all of the 5 subjects or else, those subjects I passed will be considered failed as well. I was a bit nervous but was self-confident that I would pass.

I totally have forgotten about the Lord that time and started focusing on what or who to blame for failing. I got all sorts of speculations running in my head and I was so down and frustrated.  I didn’t know what happened. I just couldn’t accept that I failed. Then one day I met with my church leader and he asked me how’s my communication with the Lord. Then from that time, I realized how I wasn’t that intimate with the Lord anymore because of the exams. It’s as if I worshipped the exams over Him before and after I failed. I realized it the hard way.

It was too difficult for me to thank the Lord in moments like that. But now I would like to thank God for allowing that to happen to me so that He could bring me back and light up my intimacy with Him again. It’s also a reminder that thanking the Lord in all situations doesn’t change the situation but changes my heart and mind towards those situations.

Reference: The Power Of Being Thankful


3 thoughts on “Thanking God All Day

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