The Anointed Orange a certain park in Manila where many people usually go to, there lived a street dweller who had long hair and beard. He was well known of his wisdom. He would crush the spirits of those who tried debating him. No one could dismantle him with his kind of thinking. He was very good at persuading people. Although he was wise and persuasive, he didn’t believe that God exists. There were some Christians who talked to this man and began doubting God.

One day, a servant of the Lord came and ministered there. He heard about this long-haired man and had the heart to introduce Jesus Christ to him. The time came when they met face to face. The man also heard about the servant of the Lord. He mocked him by the time they faced each other. He started using his persuading skills on the Lord’s servant. He even showed so many photocopies of evidences for proof. While he was talking, the servant of the Lord took an orange and peeled it. He ate it piece by piece. When he was about to eat the last piece, he asked the man a question, “Can you tell me how this orange tastes like?” and then the man answered back,“Are you crazy? How will I know? You’re the one who’s eating it, not me!” The servant of the Lord replied, “It would be the same with God. You can’t tell how His love feels like until you experience it.” And because of this, a deal was made between the man and the servant of the Lord. The man would go to the church for 4 weeks and see for himself if there really is a God who exists. Surprisingly, at the 3rd week of the deal period, the man came to the servant of the Lord and exclaimed that there truly is a God who exists. The servant of the Lord was so glad and surprised. He wanted to know why this man suddenly made up his mind. The man said,“because you never stopped introducing God to me.” This was then the turning point in life of the man. He began sharing others how God worked in him. If before he’s good in persuading others that God doesn’t exist, now he’s doing it the other way around. He convinces others that God really exists, but not just by his own persuading skills anymore, but by showing that God’s love can change everything.

Note: “This is based from a true story of my friend. He is a servant of the Lord and the same servant of the Lord in this story. He didn’t make much of words to introduce God to the long-haired man but just showed him God’s love.”


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