Faith Like Potatoes


Potatoes, very ordinary as it seems and as it is heard about, but there’s something special about it that relates to our faith. ‘Faith Like Potatoes’ is actually a movie I watched in a friend’s house. I knew it was based from a true story and that it’s very inspiring.

The movie is about a man named Angus Buchan who travels to another place, leaving his farm because of some issues, hoping to have a better life. Experiencing the new life in the new place, Angus Buchan suddenly lives a life with anger, fear and destruction. He gets angry at people when his expectations are not met. He fears that everything he does will be wasted. There is wildness inside of him. This intense feeling affects everything in his life — his relationship with his workers and even to his wife. He finds it hard to have peace in everything. It just ruins his everyday. With this situation, his loving wife wanted to help him. She asks her friends on how  she can help her husband tame the wildness inside him. They say that pills or tranquilizers will help her husband, but later realizes that only God can change him completely.

One day, they were invited to attend a church service. Within that church service, he listens to a man’s testimony about how Jesus Christ changed his life completely. Upon hearing this testimony, he remembers a moment in his childhood where he got to listen to a man who said,”for God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”- (John 3:16). This man repeated the word “whoever” emphasizing that it is for everyone. This memory of Angus strikes him in the heart. Upon hearing the minister challenging the people in the church to accept Jesus Christ, something moves Angus. He stands up in front with his family and do so what the man says. He suddenly cries as if he looks at himself as a pitiful man. It becomes the start of Angus’ turning point in his life.

As Angus starts changing, he seeks counseling and goes to the minister. He tells the minister that it has always been the wildness inside of him that composed him. The minister says that God is the One who put the wildness inside him, that God loves people who are excited about Him. He challenges Angus to share what he did — surrendered everything to Jesus. After hearing this, Angus all the more feels the need to know more of God and realizes that it is definitely his heart’s content — to search more for God’s presence in his life and then share it. He immediately shares God to his friends and even to his helpers in the farm. Even if rejections try to stop him in his faith, he doesn’t let it happen. He always responds and say, “the condition for a miracle is difficulty; the condition for a great miracle is impossibility.” He still continues and do all the more with the strong faith in him. He even experience so many miracles from God that pushes his faith deeper and stronger. God shows him His kindness and that His promises are true. Even if things seem to be impossible, nothing stops Angus in trusting God.


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